Super Alloy Ranger: A Classic 2D Adventure Awaits on Nintendo Switch

Super Alloy Ranger 

Nintendo Switch – US

Super Alloy Ranger is a brand new side-scrolling action game that takes you on a thrilling adventure through challenging levels and epic boss battles. Now available for pre-order at Playasia, this title promises a satisfying dose of nostalgia for veterans and newcomers alike.

Gear Up for Action

In Super Alloy Ranger, you take control of Kelly, a skilled marksman, or Combat Robot No. 2, as you navigate treacherous environments within the Machine Empire. Utilize a variety of movement abilities to overcome obstacles, including running, jumping, dashing, wall climbing, and double jumping. Each level offers a unique challenge, from sunken cities to the frigid Sea of Frost.

Multiple Combat Approaches

The game offers diverse combat options to suit your playstyle. Kelly excels in ranged attacks, wielding various types of bullets depending on his equipped Attribute chip. He can even power up his shots for devastating effects! Combat Robot No. 2, on the other hand, specializes in close-quarters combat, unleashing powerful melee attacks to take down enemies.

A Pixelated World of Charm

Super Alloy Ranger boasts beautifully crafted dynamic pixel art that pays homage to classic titles. The developers have meticulously designed each environment to be both visually appealing and full of character.

Pre-Order Now on Playasia

Embark on your adventure with Super Alloy Ranger and pre-order your copy today at Playasia! Get ready to experience a thrilling journey filled with exciting challenges and pulse-pounding boss battles. So, dust off your nostalgia and prepare to dive into this captivating 2D adventure.


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