Rev Up for Racing Glory: Hot Lap Racing for the Nintendo Switch

Hot Lap Racing, Nintendo Switch, Switch, US, Europe, Japan, 3goo

Hop Lap Racing

Nintendo™ Switch – US, Europe & Japan

Gear up, racing enthusiasts! The exhilarating “Hot Lap Racing” will arrive on the Nintendo Switch, letting you unleash your inner champion from the comfort of your living room or on the go. This fantastic simcade racing experience throws you into the heart of motorsport history, encompassing everything from thrilling GT Cross races to the high-octane world of Formula 1.

Master Diverse Disciplines, Conquer Legendary Tracks

Hot Lap Racing boasts a robust selection of over 15 licensed and custom tracks, offering a total of more than 70 unique layouts to challenge your driving prowess. Tear through iconic locations like Zolder, Salzburgring, and Kuwait Motor Town, pushing your limits and perfecting your racing lines on each course.

A Garage Full of Legends Awaits

The game features a stunning lineup of over 50 cars, meticulously recreated to represent various motorsport categories and eras. Get behind the wheel of legendary Formula 1 machines from different decades, or tame the power of modern endurance racers.

Sharpen Your Skills and Rule the Leaderboard

Hot Lap Racing caters to racers of all stripes. Dive into the comprehensive Career mode and embark on your journey to become a top-tier driver, mastering iconic cars on legendary tracks while competing against legendary names from motorsport history.

For those who crave pure competition, the game offers both online and offline multiplayer options. Test your mettle against friends in split-screen races for up to four players, or take the fight online and battle it out with racers worldwide to top the global leaderboards.

Experience the Thrill of the Race

Hot Lap Racing is built to deliver an immersive racing experience. Feel the adrenaline surge as you hurtle down the straights and master the art of precision cornering. The game’s in-house physics engine provides a satisfying balance of simulation and arcade-style racing, making it accessible for both newcomers and seasoned veterans.

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Hot Lap Racing, Nintendo Switch, Switch, US, Europe, Japan, 3goo

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