Put on the gloves with THUNDER RAY for Switch & PS5!

Joe Louis, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and Little Mac… these are only four of the greatest professional boxers of all time…But probably not everyone knows that this sport has a very ancient origin that goes back to ancient Greece; called “pygmachia” (πυγμαχία), this noble art of fighting has a very mythological creator: Theseus, the founder of Athens, and the hero who defeated the Minotaur.

Train hard, fight easy!

Century by century a huge number of people surrendered to the allure of boxing, making it an actual prominent sport all around the world; even from the gaming side hundreds of developers tried to recreate it in the most faithful way possible. The first video game focused on boxing was Heavyweight Champ; released in 1976 exclusively for arcades, in this title we were called to win the world championship tournament defeating the four challengers: Sammy “Smasher” Smith, Jerry “Cyclone” Charger, George “Iceberg” Cooler and the champion Willie “Vulture” Wilson!

Due to its graphics and gameplay mechanics, Heavyweight Champ has been the third most popular game of 1976, and above all, it launched a trend that knows no limit even today… this is why Playasia and Eastasiasoft are extremely happy and proud to announce that the pre-order campaign of the physical version of THUNDER RAY for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 is now open!

Get ready for the ultimate Arcade Boxing, Retro-like experience in a game brimming with blood and violence.
Step into the intergalactic ring, and experience tons of adrenaline-pumping action in this neon-style arcade boxing game enriched with a wonderful modern twist!

Bring the heat in the ring!

Throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, we face a huge roster of colorful and eccentric opponents that are only waiting to KO you; featuring meticulously crafted HD animations, bringing each character to life with stunning detail and fluid movements, epic boxing gameplay mechanics, and a wonderful music like no other, the LIMITED physical version of THUNDER RAY comes with:

  • Thunder Ray Collector’s Box
  • Thunder Ray Game
  • Thunder Ray Original Soundtrack CD
  • Thunder Ray Certificate
  • Thunder Ray Manual

Only 2000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1000 copies for PlayStation 5 will be printed, so don’t miss the opportunity to rumble in the galaxy jungle with THUNDER RAY!


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