Sword and Fairy Inn 2 for PS5 – Courage, magic & good food!

All has started with some lemons, and a huge dose of initiative!
Today we bring you to the very beginning of the gaming era, more precisely in 1973; when the first food ‘n beverage simulator was developed by Bob Jamison for the time-shared mainframe computers. We’re referring to the legendary Lemonade Stand!
In this game, players were called to test their business acumen by running a lemonade stand. Keeping track of the weather, prices, advertising, customer satisfaction, and all in between, this was (and still is) a great & fun challenge for all!

After that, the players of the 80s era could manage their own catering company directly from home thanks to the innovative Autochef for ZX Spectrum. In this game, focused on foodstuff and beverage purchasing activities, players must consider carefully how to use quite big sums of money making the right decisions to make the shareholders happy. Following these two glorious examples, developers from all around the world tried to create their simulations, implementing some new features to make them extremely interesting and funny. Without a doubt, one of the most original examples comes from the Taiwanese company Softstar Entertainment which gave the Sword and Fairy series a brand new perspective with the Sword and Fairy Inn franchise.

Together Forever!

Composed of two episodes (so far), Sword and Fairy Inn is set in a magical world filled with mystical creatures and powerful magic. The series follows the adventures of a group of characters who run an inn that serves as a sanctuary for travelers and adventurers seeking refuge from the dangers of the world.
We – as part of the team – must work hard to maintain the inn and keep all guests safe and satisfied with our services. Exploring the themes of friendship, courage, and teamwork; Sword and Fairy Inn is truly a must-play series for fans of high fantasy and epic adventures!

Finally, after the Nintendo Switch version, Sword and Fairy Inn 2 for PlayStation 5 can be pre-ordered from today in Limited and Standard versions.
Exploring an enchanting world, completing challenging quests, and managing our incredible inn, we’ll meet a very unique cast of characters, each with their own stories and motivations, and forge alliances to help them in their fight against evil… Its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay and compelling story make Sword and Fairy Inn 2 for PlayStation 5 a truly immersive gaming experience for fans of fantasy RPGs and business simulations. Join the team, and discover the true power of teamwork in the face of overwhelming odds…
Are you ready to join the adventure and become a hero in the world of Sword and Fairy Inn 2 for PlayStation 5?


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