Gakuen iDOLM@STER for iOS – There are new idols in town!

All have started with No・Ri・Ko for PC-Engine CD-Rom!
Originally released in 1988, this quite obscure game was the first game with an idol as the main character. Starring the legendary singer Noriko Ogawa (real name is Shigemi Tanimoto); in this digitalized adventure we are a fan ready for everything to have a date with her.
Reading the texts, anticipating her wishes, and making her happy, players must proceed with caution. One wrong answer and we’ll say bye-bye to her forever. This game developed by AlfaSystem and published by Hudson Soft includes all of Noriko’s big hits making it a very interesting exercise of style & a must-have gadget for all the fans. Since its release, No・Ri・Ko inspired hundreds of other games seeing idols as main characters; Tokimeki Memorial, Hatsune Miku, Digital Dance Mix Vol. 1 Namie Amuro are the most brilliant examples, but among them, there’s a series to get millions of fans all around the world: The iDOLM@STER!

Love, cherish, support!

The first installment of this ultra-pop series was released in 2005 in Japanese arcades. Using special magnetic cards we were invested with the power of the producers, and step by step, note by note & answer by answer our mission was to turn a young girl into one of the most popular idols of Japan… As an actual multimedia mix project, the iDOLM@STER series doesn’t stop at the gaming world. But brings its cheerfulness, sparkling costumes, and unforgettable songs all around the planet with a vast plethora of CDs, anime, apparel, and many other items.
Now things are changing with the release of Gakuen iDOLM@STER for iOS!

Where artists are made…

Taking place in the prestigious Hatsuboshi Gakuen – an academy for aspiring superstars where students are trained to become top idols – this game sees on a new generation of students determined to become the next successful singers. Featuring a huge variety of characters, each with their unique personalities, skills, and abilities. In Gakuen iDOLM@STER for iOS we can develop relationships with other idols by interacting with them, giving gifts, participating in events together, and above all exploiting the extensive customization options, we create our characters and outfits!

Using the iTunes Instant Digital Cards we can get a lot of exclusive extra goods. All of them will make happy even the most demanding fans. Don’t miss to begin this unprecedented tour of formation,  meeting all these determined aspiring superstars. They are ready to dance and sing along with the rest of the world. If you love music, anime, or idol culture, don’t miss the unique opportunity to create a bright future as the new pop-icon with Gakuen iDOLM@STER for iOS!

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